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[retest] NFPA 1001 - FF II | practical


Sold By: FESTI

Critical note prior to your purchase:

You may purchase this OFM accreditation re-test ONLY if you are a graduate of a FESTI NFPA 1001 course.

Please make sure you are locating your OFM ID five (5) digit number and have it ready to share at check-out.

Time and Location:
•  Exams will be hosted at FESTI in Theatre A and B, unless otherwise indicated
•  The timing of exams will be provided in the on-boarding information available once your purchase has been confirmed
•  We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam and wait in the cafeteria area. The OFM proctor will let the group know when it is time to enter the exam room
•  Late candidates will not be allowed to enter the exam
•  Start Time: 09:30 AM


Important Information:  
•  30 days prior to the exam date your name will be added to the Candidate List and sent to the OFM. After this time NO REFUNDS will be issued
•  Please ensure when registering for your OFM retest that you indicate your name as you would like to see it on the certificate.  Reprinting of certificates due to incorrect name will be at your expense and done through the OFM
•  NO SHOWS for scheduled exams in which your name has been provided on the Candidate List will count as a failed attempt
•  the OFM provides 3 opportunities to write each exam - after three (3) failed attempts the candidate is required to retake the course

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